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Gassi - Philipp Liehr

Folly & Muse

Artist: Philipp Liehr

Title: Gassi

Medium: Linden Wood, Acrylics

Size: 24 x 23 x 12 cm


 Philipp Liehr works with unique wood, carving scenes of general life with a sense of humour out of the material. Accentuating parts with acrylic paint, his sculptures come to life in a unique way.

Are you joining us for scenes of everyday life? 
The artist Philipp Liehr plays in a special way with this
current pop-cultural subject as an invitation to consciously
become aware of our environment. His designs make him a
popular choice for art in public space, but especially
one of the most impressive young creative artists in the
field of sculptural arts. Observers of his work know the
gestures and movements of his wooden sculptures instinctively
from their everyday memory and through exaggeration
in his portrayal of these scenes they become humourous.
Last but not least, these figures are intriguing results of
snapshots, which the artist transforms into prepared sketches
during his creative process.
His focus on capturing the insignificant moment leads to a
beautiful portrayal of today's society.
So Philipp not only thrills with his wood carving skills,
but especially with a keen sense of the zeitgeist.



Gassi - Philipp Liehr
Gassi - Philipp Liehr
Gassi - Philipp Liehr