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For your Love - Katharina Husslein

Folly & Muse

Size: 120 x 140 x 2 cm

Medium: Oils on Canvas


This is a beautiful oil painting of an array of flowers in a vase. Contemporary painting full of details and colors, vibrant roses , tulips, peonies and an arrangement of other flowers. Reminding us of old master paintings, this is a brand new painting full elegance and timeless elegance.


Katharina Husslein's new body of work are still life paintings of blossoming flowers in a range of vases and settings. Looking at old master paintings and today's flower photography, she creates contemporary oil paintings radiating color, art history and the joy of a moment in time where everything seems quietly perfect and the flowers are in full bloom. A metaphor as old as time, to seize the moment and enjoy it to its full extend.
Her paintings can stand as indications of a contemporary Western zeitgeist, the images lose their temporal determinability through their static transience and acquire an essence of infinity.

Katharina is inspired by nature, poetry and history and her emotional response fuels her paintings.