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Happy Collection - Kirsten Jackson

Kirsten Jackson

Artist: Kirsten Jackson

Title: A Love Like No Other

Medium: Acrylics on Canvas

Size: 90 x 120 cm


Kirsten Jackson paints vibrant abstract paintings full of sunshine color block that are very contemporary original artworks.

Fiercely independent Australian artist Kirsten Jackson seeks to suffuse the whole world with radiant beacons of painted happiness!

Collectors from Europe, Hong Kong and the US are enamoured by the unique personality and spirited colour palette found in Kirsten’s original paintings and prints. Working in impasto style with a variety of acrylic mediums, each work is infused with a boundless energy and joy for life that is 100% pure Kirsten. Her determination to exude shameless, infectious happiness everyday through her art has made Kirsten a beloved fixture among the Australian art community.

Happy Collection - Kirsten Jackson