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Blue Glitch 1 - Daniel Engelberg

Daniel Engelberg

Artist: Daniel Engelberg

Medium: Acrylics, epoxy resin on fiberboard

Size: 65x 50 cm


This beautiful mixed media artwork with epoxy resin has the feel of a golden era of the past, but is a brand new contemporary original artwork by German artist Daniel Engelberg. It's vibrant blue and golden tones are full of positive energy and its is a beautiful contemporary piece for modern interiors. Combine with either one or two partner pieces from the series Blue Glitch.

Against a dark background fine, light blue lines stand out from the illustrated architectural construction. The object has an amazing Spatiality, without penetrating into the depths of the pictorial space. The appearance of Three - dimensionality arises only through the play with the shortenings of the equilateral triangles from which the object is formed. At the same time it has no spatial positioning, it seems to float against the dark background. 

The work of the sculptor Daniel Engelberg is not about painting. Concrete, polystyrene, wood and construction foam - the artist's work uses highly unusual materials. Daniel Engelberg works with everyday building materials, whose unique properties he makes use of. 

The works of Daniel Engelberg despite and especially because of the use of "banal" and "everyday" materials from the repertoire of the Bauwesen, are aesthetically pleasing works, which convince with their minimalism.
A touch of the spirit of Arte Povera can be found here. In the 1960s and 1970s "poor" materials were used in Italy to create contemporary works.
The Arte Povera inspires us to see that even the simplest and most insignificant things can be transformed to something meaningful in the context of art.

Blue Glitch 1 - Daniel Engelberg
Blue Glitch 1 - Daniel Engelberg
Blue Glitch 1 - Daniel Engelberg
Blue Glitch 1 - Daniel Engelberg