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Apocalypse at the Salt Desert - Daniele Davitti

Daniele Davitti

Artist: Daniele Davitti

Materials: Tempera, Graphite, Chalk and Ink on Canvas

Description: Signed by the artist. 

Edition: Original framed.

Size: 60x50 cm


About the Artist:

Daniele Davitti is an Italian artist born in 1986 from a Roman-Florentine family of artisst and artisans. He studied illustration and fashion at Polimoda (It) and at Bunka fashion college (Jp). Paintings, theatre costumes, illustrations and interior design are part of his work.

From 2011 he is even a professor of graphic design and fashion concepts at Polimoda in Florence, becoming one of the youngest teachers ever hired. He keeps on working on his artistic research travelling all over the world and always looking for new artistic experience and contributions.

Never forgetting his background and its previous experiences. Davitti’s artistic works started right after the graduation in Japan, where he had the chance of study traditional artistic languages like the art of ink, kimonos and Japanese style and imaginary. After coming back to Italy, he started to work as artist, beginning his artistic research aimed in fusing the rich Italian artistic background with the newly absorbed Japanese style, a study of philosophies ( in particular Zen concepts or wabi-sabi aesthetics).

The matching figures and volumes between the two artistic world can be consider the leading concept of his artistic production. Ink and lines, learned in Japan, are the basic elements of his configurations, inspired to the essential and conceptual world of Japanese printing and graphics. Classic Japanese configurations and archetypes are widely used in several paintings, (as the diagonal construction or typical woman figures “coming out from” volumes of fabrics) Everything elaborated and fused with some typical Italian elements, baroque beauty, or the classical renaissance matching of colours like grey, white, beige and black, symbolism of hands positions or classical configurations inspired by the great family of catholic painting and frescos.

The two cultures work together in harmony and contrast, the point in common between the two creates a new style: vision of death, leading theme in several Italian and Japanese artwork, the concept of beauty as a vital aspect of life, the monstrous and grotesque style of some figure used as a thread to match the concepts. The light and essential structure enriched with sumptuous decorations. The object used as a vehicle of emotion and a “passport” to understand the human activity and its feelings. A typical representation of this aspect is clear in the painting “Kyoto”…

A symbolic white figure created following the typical Japanese-Italian “A” Line configuration, coming out from its Kimono, over the head a bouquet of Orchids , its hands are composed in a typical renaissance attitude. The two technique used are wine and ink as a perfect fusion of the two nations. It is a self-portrait representing the artist soul and the moment of artistic changing and enrichment.


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Apocalypse at the Salt Desert - Daniele Davitti
Apocalypse at the Salt Desert - Daniele Davitti
Apocalypse at the Salt Desert - Daniele Davitti