+++ IUNA TINTA +++

Iuna Tinta is a bridge between illustration and art, with a pinch of typography thrown in.

A nomadic, Swiss-born artist, Corinne Weidmann has spent the last few years living in

Costa Rica and Canada while producing board designs and artwork for Roxy Snowboards,

Quiksilver, Red Bull and others.


„I‘m inspired by the colors and shapes of pre-Columbian America, dark northern fairytales and

the representations of animals in Japanese Shintoism. I have always been interested in foreign

art, but it’s only a few years ago when I went back to my own roots.

I became very affected by Swiss folk art as well as the landscape of the country itself.

Living abroad probably makes you become more aware of where you come from, but also of

what shaped you are as a person. Everything that happens in life is a source that influences

you eventually, and since I’ve spent most of my years in Switzerland, it’s not a big surprise that

for example the mountains affect my work so much.“

Iuna Tinta's clients include: Jones Snowboards, Mervin Manufacturing, Quiksilver, Red Bull, Roxy Snowboarding, University of London among many others.

Iuna Tinta also takes commissions.

If you're interested in her work, do get in touch and we get you your site specific piece! Enquiries go to Kati@follyandmuse.com

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