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It started with an idea: Clear, durable design, in conjunction with natural, sustainable materials and artisan implementation.

This is inspiring us until today.

Since 30 years, we design and produce, leather bags and accessories of the brand Ackermann and sub-brands Wildwuchs and PAGO, in the hanseatic city -  Lüneburg. Founded by Beate Sedlacek and Karl-Henning Hohmann, we design and produce for more than 30 years leather bags and accessories of the brand Ackermann and sub-brands Wildwuchs and PAGO.

Ackermann designs timeless, durable & functional leather products. Our design has character: it is as distinctive and unique as you and me. Crafted from natural leather - you can feel and see the attention to detail and the carefully selected materials that meet the highest standards of quality. The best leather and the strongest seams are made in functional designs with the sense of simplicity. Our imagination of a durable classic is translated into every handcrafted bag that leaves our manufactory.

The roots of the idea - to design leather bags - are the philosophy and practicing the concept of sustainability in the 80s. To design a product that is natural, durable and wins with the time value of personal ...



Soft and warm to the touch – once touched it‘s hard to resist the temptation to touch it again and again. Our nappa
leather is flayed by an awarded tannery in Germany. It is made out of upper leather which is exclusively tanned in
barrels. Only the best rawhides that come from cows of the south of Germany are applicable for the production
of soft nappa. This is due to the fact that soft nappa remains to have open pores and therefore it has a very natural
surface structure which reveals every scar and imperfection. Sometimes the leathers surface is rough other times its
very fine, but one thing you can be sure about with nappa leather, is its smoothness to the touch.

Minerally-tanned cow leather with its natural preserved grain is called 'Nappa' ( while we call it 'Softnappa'). The so called chrome-tanning process, which includes the use of chromic salt, is used in 85% of the processes within the leather productions worldwide. Our German tanners exclude the emergence of chromate and the use of azoic dyes, since both are harmful to health. The leather is colored with aniline-dye. That means it is imbued with soluble color, which keeps its feel smooth, its pores open and its natural grain visible.
We process our cowhide in a way, that the natural grain is exterior. The leather derives from rawhides of farm animals, from the milk and meat production.
Natural Cowhides
The natural pattern of the skin and fur makes every product of this collection unique. How important it is to orient oneself on the structure of the leather when working with it becomes very clear when looking at this product line. The pattering of the skin determines the final design of each product. The rawhides used for our natural cowhide
leather come from the Normandy. They are tanned by a small tannery in the north of Italy. The specialty of this
tanning process is that the haircoat is remained in its natural colour and structure.
The burned-in spots enliven and individualize the appearance of the leather even more.
Hence every product of this line is inimitably and unique.

The rawhides originate from domestic cattle of the Normandy in northern France. The hides are preserved in a little tannery in northern Italy, while this process maintains the natural hair coat of the cow on the hide. In addition to that spots are burned into the cowhide, which create individuality and liveliness. Hence every manufactured product is unique.
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