Water and Earth - James Rawson


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Artist: James Rawson

Materials: Charcoal, reclaimed wood and paint on board

Size:  122 x 81 cm


James Rawson is a multi-disciplinary artist. His esoteric paintings and charcoal works explore a world of primal matter and familiar structures with unknown origins that blur the lines between sculpture and painting.

Rawson's material-driven process is deeply minimalist in appearance, resonating with enigmatic structures and ideal sculptural forms. His works recall the influence of Minimalism and the Gutai avant-garde movement. By placing emphasis on the process and act of artistic creation, rather than a stylised compositional narrative, Rawson's art is as conceptual as it is physical. At once, he removes the artist's gestural hand while simultaneanously conveying the physical, corporeal reality of the art object itself.  Grounded with the burnt embers of charcoal, there is tactile and textured nature to the artwork, where there remains a presence a human quality of the artwork, with viewers often tempted to reach out and interact with each piece directly.

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