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Happy Ocean - Petra Rös-Nickel

Folly & Muse

Artist: Petra Rös-Nickel

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 90 x 150 cm

Original Artwork



Petra Rös-Nickel works are inspired by architecture and therefore are full of movement, light and dimensionality. She works with oil color and marble powder, that creates rich color as well as overlapping textures.

Petra Rös-Nickel works are very contemporary in color - her grey resembles the color of concrete. Within there is life and lots of different colors, that make any room come to life, yet still fit in perfectly in contemporary designed and furnished homes and offices.

Her work can be put into different categories such as “patchwork”, “windows” and “oscillating lines”. Essential is the color space presented in multiple layers that offers the beholder access to more profound color planes.. The details within her color blocks or scratchings and rubbings lead to various elements of tension, such as “patchwork” or harmonious-contemplative forms (“windows”). Mostly established on large-sized tables of colors and directed towards one color world, the artist‘s oil paintings develop an energetic impact on the space they‘re displayed in, conveying her joy of life and self-confidence.


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Happy Ocean - Petra Rös-Nickel
Happy Ocean - Petra Rös-Nickel
Happy Ocean - Petra Rös-Nickel