Exploring the Sinkhole - Abigail McDougall

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Artist: Abigail McDougall

Title: Exploring the Sinkhole

Medium: Watercolour painting on wood panel  

Size: 80 x 80 cm


'I am a watercolour artist based in Jamaica Street Studios in Bristol. My new works entitled “The Floating World” and “Exotic Reflections” have developed gradually from my study of water and reflections over the last few years. I feel that watercolour is the perfect medium to capture water and I have finally come to distill my practice to focus on the water itself and the reflections on the surface. I use elements like the lilly pads more as a compositional tool to help me paint the lights and darks of the reflections, the lilies are more of a vehicle for this and not so much the main subject of the painting.'

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