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Night Crowd - Gaëtan de Séguin

Gaetan de Seguin

Artist: Gaëtan de Séguin

Medium: Acrylics on Canvas

Size:  80 x 80 cm


His paintings are figurative works, with an abstract character. The various colors highlight that not one person is the same, and celebrates this individuality in contemporary and elegant way.

His 'crowd' paintings also showcase that we are stronger together in love and friendship and a common way of life, in the fight agains racism and terrorism. But also in the every day- by working together hand in hand, we are more successful in business as well as within our families if we can stick together and happier for it. This contemporary figurative painting shows lots of details and movement. Beautiful statement piece for any art collection.

"Gaëtan de Séguin paints crowds. His crowds are made up with a multitude of silhouettes, all of them almost identical but also singular. Beings who, by the action of the painting itself, become patterns. Recurrent, haunting, swarming, building a new life, a new being. Sometimes the silhouette, peculiar and mute, escapes from the crowd but never finds its salvation. On its own, passing by its keens without ever comprehending them. Multitude and unique, anonymity and privacy, silence and noise. There is a bit of all this gathering into Gaëtan’s painting, a painting of the plural singular."

Gaëtan de Seguin (French, b.1971) is a Contemporary painter, born in Montpellier, France. After graduating from school and completing his military service, he studied art in Paris at ESAG Penninghen. Over the course of his career, de Seguin’s works have evolved from abstraction towards figuration, which he continues to develop to this day. His work has been exhibited throughout France, including at Château de la Motte in Narbonne, Galerie La Paix in Sélestat, and Château de Flaugergues in Montpellier, among others.

Night Crowd - Gaëtan de Séguin
Night Crowd - Gaëtan de Séguin
Night Crowd - Gaëtan de Séguin