TOO MUCH? II Money Burning Coffee Table


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Dimensions: Height: 47cm - Diameter: 140cm
Weight: 200kg
Materials: Alabaster Stone, Marquina Marble, Tempered glass..

Unique Piece

‘Too Much?’ sculpture seeks to provoke a deep thought on the viewer about the volatility of money.

«An euro bill by itself is a mere tinted paper representing a figure; 20, 50, 100... and has no more value than the time invested to get it. We just seek to exchange it for a desired object or experience»

Out of this meditation we created our unique project «Too much?”. A piece of art transformed into an original coffee table made of a concrete base and a glass urn containing partially burnt 50 €uro bills and with a thin biofuel fame rising above its surface.

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Tags: Amarist
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