Sola Swiss - Avantgarde Quartz 24 pcs. Cutlery Set

£ 160.00
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Manufactuere: Sola Swiss

Cutlery: Premium
For: Table, Dessert, Fish Food, Serving, Event and Special
Surface: Sandblast
Material and Technology: Monoblock, Hollow Handle, Forged, Chromenickel steel 18/10

Manufactured in Switzerland comes in a beautiful cutlery box and is dishwasher safe.


Key features of the Avantgarde cutlery range, designed by a Japanese designer, include the atypical curvature of the knife, the thin sandblasted grips and the unconventionally shaped fork. These design elements distinguish this series from all common cutlery. It is especially suitable for those customers who are following trends and are looking for an out of the box design experience.

The 24 set includes: 6 coffee spoons, 6 forks, 6 knives and 6 table spoons.
There are also other cutlery items available in the collection such as:
Dessert, Fish Food, Serving, Event and Special. Should you require more than the set please email us and we can send you a list of further items.
Dimensions of Soup Spoon:

Length: 203 mm
Weight: 54 g
Thickness: 6 mm

Dimensions of Fork: 
Length: 205 mm
Weight: 43 g
Thickness: 5.5 mm

Dimensions of Knife:
Length: 233 mm
Weight: 63 g
Dimensions of coffee spoon:
Length: 169 mm
Weight: 31 g
Thickness: 5 mm
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